Data Protection Statement

We understand the need to maintain your privacy while searching for a job. Mwanga Limited is committed to protecting your privacy.
We will use the information you submit to us only for the purposes as explained in terms of the agreement as stated below.


Mwanga Limited collects and processes personally identifiable information from users when you apply for a Job at Mwanga Limited. Your personal information is not used for any other purpose than informing you about Mwanga as an employer or about employment opportunities, to administer the application process, such other uses as are reasonably required in connection with the online application process, and for recruitment purposes. In this scope, upon your registration Mwanga will collect the following information from you:

  • Applicant Master Data (e.g. your first name, last name, etc.)
  • Contact Data
  • Application Data (e.g. your education information, etc.)
  • CV Data

Fields which are indicated with an asterisk (*) mean that information is required. Without the information asked for in these fields, we cannot register you for our application tool. You are free to fill out the other fields if you wish. If you enter your data, we may use that information to contact you about any employment opportunity now and in the future. The information will not be used to inform you of any commercial activity of the company. With your application, a general profile and a job application profile will be created. Your general profile contains general information such as name, telephone number, and email address. Your job application profile contains in addition job-specific information such as specific process details, prescreening results, and your cover letter.

Operator Access

Your data is stored and processed by Mwanga Limited in a database which is operated by a hosting provider according to Mwanga Limited’s instructions. Access to this database is granted only to parties who are involved in the recruitment process including external parties performing outsourced HR services for Mwanga (e.g. telephone interviews, preselection, interviews, assessment, etc.) and who are bound by a confidential treatment of your data.

With regard to this application you already have access to your personal data with your log-in. If you applied as a guest, you can create your login credentials at any time during the hiring process. You also can rectify your data with your log-in in this application.

For any further or general request with regard to your personal data at Mwanga Limited, please contact our data protection officer, via email;
You may change the data of your application at any time in case it needs an update or a correction by logging into your profile page with your access data (candidate front-end). In such a case Mwanga Limited will keep the log information on all the changes, though, in order to be able to determine the implications of the change on the decision in the process.

You can request the deletion of your application and all related personal data at any time via an email addressed to

Please note that if you request your profile deletion, you will no longer be considered for an open position or other job initiations. Your data will be deleted completely and irrevocably in accordance with the applicable laws.

Otherwise, your job application profile is deleted 12 months after your application process has been completed.
If your job application has been successful, we will delete your job application profile from this application after or within the space of 6 months.

Your Wishes and Queries / Data Protection Officer:

If you have any wishes in connection with your person-related data and/or general information with regard to your personal data, please contact us at Please also contact us this way, if you would like to know whether we have collected data about you and, if so, which data. We shall endeavor to comply with your wish immediately.

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