Supporting emerging businesses.

We help businesses scale and actualise their goals by using ethical approaches and innovative technology to provide strategic debt recovery and business support services.

Who we are

Mwanga is not just a tech-driven debt recovery company, but a pioneer and independent debt recovery and customer engagement firm that helps businesses to recover outstanding loans and provide exceptional customer support service.

We simplify business operations without lag, help to build, retain customer relationships with our clients and increase cash flow. We deliver tailor-made support services in the most effective & cost-efficient way and provide result-driven solutions to your customers to help speed up the payment process.


What is a team without integrity? We keep our word to you when you partner with us. Our ethical standards in business dealings are unrivalled.

We are agile and embrace change

Business growth does not come without change management, flexibility and adaptability. Every member of the Mwanga team is trained to be adaptable to change and manage it effectively.


Our work with Africa’s leading lending institutions is sustained on the back of growth and exceptional performance. We craft evolving strategies that enable us to adapt during periods of uncertainty and change. We have also mastered the right tools and technology to scale through and meet our customers' needs.


Satisfied customers equal a happy business. Hence, we take it as a point of duty to treat all customers with dignity and respect.


When we partner with your business, we give recommendations that help to smoothen your business operations, improve customer experience, and reduce cost for your team. We provide solutions to your customers to help speed up the payment process and provide credit management services.


We love to be a part of the growth of individuals and businesses. The diversity of our clientele and team weave into the rich and vibrant tapestry of our journey. This is why we invest in our staff and product development for our clientele.

Our Story

Buckle up, sit tight, let’s take you on our journey…

The Birth

Mwanga commenced as a team of three. Few at the time , but with a very big vision. The team kicked off pilot debt recovery services from a small office space in Lagos, Nigeria.

New Begining

The team went on to expand in number, unmatchable skills and competencies serving some of the biggest in the fintech space as well as other lenders, and consistently increasing in results and added value to, not only recovery but also, clients processes.

Exponential Growth

The company clientele grew rapidly and diversified operations to include customer services. Throughout this period, Mwanga maintained exceptional performance while she transitioned into a leader and trendsetter with its core in the Debt Recovery space and business process outsourcing industry in Africa.

And the story continues

We currently engage a robust portfolio and a clientele of leading multinationals in the lending space. Since our doors opened, we have grown to successfully reach over 300,000 unique customers weekly and counting.


To be a leading extension of global teams for debt recovery and customer support in Africa

Industry Leader and Trusted Partner.

We aim to become the leading debt recovery and outsourcing partner for businesses across Africa.
We also thrive to position Mwanga in the forefront and an industry leader and expert in the debt recovery space in Africa.

Build and maintain customer relationship.

Our key driver lies in the need to play a part in every business success story as well as help them scale and achieve their business goals. Our driving force is the passion for supporting businesses.

Provide support for emerging businesses across Africa.

We understand that business operations can be overwhelming. By working as an extension of a business team, we want to always provide support by easing off the workload resulting in increased productivity, improved business growth and cash flow.


We have a mission to help businesses scale and actualize their goals by using ethical approaches and innovative technology to provide strategic debt recovery and business support services.

Our Leadership

Meet our leadership team. Behind them are a bigger team of superstars behind our success.

Echika Obijiaku

Chief Executive Officer

Atolani Falola

Head of Operations